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The only total spectrum, strain-specific, hemp-derived CBD softgel activated through patented, state-of-the-art technology.

Powered by LACY™

Patented, state-of-the-art activation technology

Made in The USA

Proudly made, distributed, and invented on US soil

Total Product Transparency

Tested for purity, quality, and consumer safety
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Proprietary Activation Technology


If It's not a LACY product, It's not Total Spectrum.

LACY is patented technology capturing 100% of the full plant profile of hemp delivering the total spectrum to the consumers for the first time ever

Pioneering Lossless Activation

With Lossless Activation, LACY™ products can provide the same characteristic experience and benefits conferred by a strain without combustion or high heat. Providing a discreet, full plant profile experience.

Full-Plant Profile

With LACY™ we capture the whole strain, with all of its distinct effects and characteristics, into any form imaginable. That’s what makes this technology so revolutionary. Any strain into any product.

Nothing Added, Everything Preserved

With LACY™, we can keep everything together from start to finish, and go from flower to formulated capsule, without jumping through chemical hoops — like separating and recombining.

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