The Game-Changer is Here

The world’s 1st total spectrum CBD

CBD Capsules

The world’s 1st total spectrum CBD
  • The Game-Changer is Here

  • The world’s 1st total spectrum CBD
  • CBD Capsules

  • The world’s 1st total spectrum CBD

100% happiness guarantee

Money back offering

Fast & free shipping

We offer free shipping throughout the US

All-natural ingredients

Organically grown by US farmers

3rd party lab tested

Certified pure, potent, and toxin-free

Restore your natural balance

A new CBD breakthrough is rapidly rising to the top of the industry right before your eyes.


Patented, state-of-the-art technology that activates and extracts with zero loss or degradation of the plant and strain profile. That’s the power of LACY. Try YIPS and feel the difference. Learn more about LACY.


First there was isolate, then broad spectrum, then full spectrum…Now, there is total spectrum. Everything preserved from plant to final product, never recombined.


The main ingredients — from our hemp to our oils — are all organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Put good in, get good out.

Happiness guarantee

Money back offering

  • Try YIPS risk-free

    Try YIPS risk-free

    Feel the difference, or it’s on us

  • Charged Up

    Charged Up

    Stay on top of your game throughout the day

  • No toxins, additives, or chemicals

    No toxins, additives, or chemicals

    Unlike other CBD brands, we test all our products for safety and potency

  • Earth’s nature direct to your doorstep

    Earth’s nature direct to your doorstep

    Our CBD is all-natural, organic, and 100% pure

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If It's not a LACY product, It's not Total Spectrum.

LACY is patented technology capturing 100% of the full plant profile of hemp delivering the total spectrum to consumers for the first time ever

Pioneering Lossless Activation

With Lossless Activation, LACY™ products can provide the same characteristic experience and benefits conferred by a strain without combustion or high heat. Providing a discreet, full plant profile experience.

Full-Plant Profile

With LACY™ we capture the whole strain, with all of its distinct effects and characteristics, into any form imaginable. That’s what makes this technology so revolutionary. Any strain into any product.

Nothing Added, Everything Preserved

With LACY™, we can keep everything together from start to finish, and go from flower to formulated capsule, without jumping through chemical hoops — like separating and recombining.

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