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Lossless Activation

Lossless Activation Chamber Y (LACY) is the first and only system which can activate a strain with no loss or degradation to the plant profile itself. This means for the first time ever we can enjoy a specific strain in a capsule, topical, inhaler, and so many other possibilities. With LACY, we can preserve strains that evoke specific effects and apply them in a sensible way. The future of cannabis is strain specific. With LACY we protect what matters.

Current Activation Methods Destroy the Plant Profile

Cannabis and hemp must be activated (decarbed) before they can work in your body. Basically, cannabinoid acids like THC-A and CBD-A need to be converted to their active forms: THC and CBD. The problem is, the high heat used in this process achieves activation but it also destroys and completely ruins the plant profile you started with.

There has to be a better way, and that’s where LACY comes in.

We are pioneering lossless activation. We are making sure the full plant profile reaches the people who need it the most.

Why is LACY Better?

LACY preserves everything: Our decarb process stands high above others - the proof is in the data!

Nothing added, everything preserved. With LACY we capture the whole strain, with all of its distinct effects and characteristics, into any form imaginable. That’s what makes this technology so revolutionary. Any strain into any product.

IsolateBroad/Full SpectrumTotal Spectrum200020102020

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