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The Ultimate Team Sport

If you've played any sport or spent time in business, you have likely ran into the phrase, "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work", or hopefully some less-obnoxious version. However phrased, it is critical to understand as it's applicable to so much of life.

Working together makes what is impossible alone, possible. It is a beautiful thing!

Our Total Spectrum technology uses this exact same framework for CBD. When ALL components of the cannabis plant work together, a more pronounced, complete experience is produced, often called the "Entourage Effect".

Through our patented LACY Technology, we've created the first Total Spectrum CBD that preserves everything the cannabis plant has to offer. It is the highest quality tier available - above CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum. 100% of the plant profile captured. Never recombined.

What's that mean for you?

Simply stated, Total Spectrum CBD allows for a cleaner, more natural CBD experience. By activating the entire plant profile, our CBD engages fully and completely with those taking it - the way it was intended to be used.

Why is total spectrum better?

Total Spectrum preserves everything: Our decarboxylation process stands high above others - the proof is in the data! Don't believe us? Check out our COAs.

Third-Party Lab Results


A TRUE Entourage Effect

LACY gives us the ability to capture 100% of the full plant profile of hemp and deliver a true entourage effect in a non-smokable form to the people who need it the most,

PIONEERING total spectrum

Total Spectrum products can provide the same characteristic experience and potential benefits offered by a strain without combustion or high heat. Providing a discreet, full plant profile experience in a non-smokable product.


Using LACY™ we capture the whole strain, with all of its distinct effects and characteristics, into any form imaginable. That’s what makes this technology so revolutionary. Any strain into any product.


We keep everything together from start to finish, and go from flower to formulated product, without destroying the fragile plant profile or jumping through chemical hoops — like separating and recombining.

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